Therefore, Wei Wuxian keeps deep appreciation into the Wen Ning

Therefore, Wei Wuxian keeps deep appreciation into the Wen Ning

Therefore, Wei Wuxian keeps deep appreciation into the Wen Ning

Wen Ning

Immediately following Wei Wuxian’s coverage away from their archery skills, Wen Ning profoundly admires Wei Wuxian, on the extent he risks his very own lifetime while the life of of his aunt Wen Qing to store Wei Wuxian and you will Jiang Cheng pursuing the slaughter of Lotus Pier. [29]

Just after Wei Wuxian learns you to definitely Wen Ning might have been drawn captive by the Lanling Jin Clan regarding wake of the Sunshot Strategy, the guy disturbs a private meal so you can discharge a recovery goal. When he learns one Wen Ning has already been killed, he brings up him while the a brutal Corpse and you can spends him to help you kill a number of their captors. [45] Then protects their family unit members from the Burial Mounds and you can really works to reawaken Wen Ning’s awareness, leaving your the original aware Tough Corpse. [17]

No matter if Wei Wuxian initial lashes aside within Wen Ning following the death of Jin Zixuan, [46] he understands that he themselves ‘s the culprit, as the Wen Ning was a hack inside the hands in the the amount of time. Fundamentally, Wen Qing needs to paralyze Wei Wuxian in order for she Wen Ning and certainly will give-up in order to Golden Carp Tower. [47]

Appropriate Wei Wuxian’s resurrection to the Mo Xuanyu’s human body, he is surprised to see Wen Ning respond to his summons regarding a powerful creature so you can defeat the newest Heavenly Maiden, proving he was not burnt because Jin Guangshan got claimed. [34] Wei Wuxian fundamentally frees their stores and eliminates new fingernails one control your out of their lead, permitting his pal so you’re able to regain his consciousness again. [48] [49]

Wei Wuxian worries to own Wen Ning’s insufficient recommendations, when he features then followed possibly Wen Qing or Wei Wuxian getting his very existence. [50] Whenever Wen Ning sooner or later chooses to part from Wei Wuxian shortly after this new Guanyin Temple incident, Wei Wuxian feels one another sorrow observe their friend get off, and you may delight in the his freedom. [33]

Lan Jingyi

Lan Jingyi ‘s the very first member of Mo Village to speak on the recently-resurrected Wei Wuxian having generosity, even though their kindness easily gets cure for anger when Wei Wuxian takes his Heart-Attraction Banner. [51] Immediately following he is brought back for the Cloud Recesses, Wei Wuxian seem to irritates Lan Jingyi of the insinuating intimate situations with Lan Wangji. [52]

Wei Wuxian after conserves Lan Jingyi and other juniors out of Corpse Poisoning during the Yi Urban area. [53] Lan Jingyi appears to trust an intimate thinking can be found between Wei Wuxian and you can Lan Wangji, declaring his nightmare that Wei Wuxian hasn’t told you one significant past terms to Lan Wangji in advance of their battle with Xue Yang. [54]

Whenever Wei Wuxian’s real name try revealed, Lan Jingyi expresses anxiety that Jin Ling will endeavour so you’re able to stab Wei Wuxian an additional big date, demonstrating their faith one to Wei Wuxian is not the villain the guy is normally believed to be. [43] During the Second Siege of Burial Piles, Wei Wuxian spends new chatty Lan Jingyi to understand information on this new doubtful Su She. [55]

Immediately following marrying Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian appear to nights-hunts with and teachers the fresh juniors, including Lan Jingyi, one of the few e they can consider. [56] [36] Additionally, even in the event Lan Qiren have taboo the fresh juniors from conversing with Wei Wuxian when you look at the clan banquet, Lan Jingyi rapidly vacation trips this new rule once they is out of Lan Qiren. [23]

Ouyang Zizhen

Ouyang Zizhen is just one of the junior cultivators assisted from the Wei Wuxian when you look at the Yi City. Wei Wuxian takes into account Ouyang Zizhen an emotional sort of offered their malfunction out-of An effective-Qing’s ghost and you can teases him which he is quite the latest close later on. [57]

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