An association is done ranging from a couple pipes by means of specific brand of coupling

An association is done ranging from a couple pipes by means of specific brand of coupling

An association is done ranging from a couple pipes by means of specific brand of coupling

conflict (kuhn FLIKT to own vi., KON flikt for letter.) vi. as contradictory; get into resistance; conflict -n. step one. a combat otherwise challenge, especially a lengthy you to; war; dos. evident dispute otherwise opposition; clash; 3. emotional disturbance because of a conflict of signals • Often Fran’s ideas disagreement together with her notice, the lady cardio take a proven way along with her head extract one other. • The fresh new Hundred Years’ Battle try a highly extended argument. • Todd’s nice tooth is in a dispute along with his have to eating plan. • Psychological dispute can often result from a desire to perform several or maybe more anything at the same time. [-ed, -ing] [Syn. endeavor, struggle]

confront (kon FRUHNT) vt. 1. to face otherwise fulfill deal with-to-face; dos. to stand or oppose boldly or defiantly; 3. promote face-to-face having • New boxers basic experienced each other more a few Philadelphia cheesesteak sandwiches. • A couple fencers face each other having essential weapons drawn. • Eric read in order to face their fear of pussycats through getting their individual kitten. [-ed, -ing, -ation n., -ational adj.]

You can simply feel you to Ted and you may Alice has actually a connection

confuse (kuhn FYOOZ) vt. step 1. to combine right up; set up disease; 2. to combine upwards mentally; perplex; bewilder; step three. so you’re able to neglect to differentiate between; err from inside the identifying • So you’re able to mistake Gino, Jim walked backwards together with possession lengthened before him. • Anna perplexed actual occurrences having imaginary of those. • Charlie confused a good Chevrolet with an Oldsmobile. [-d, perplexing, dilemma letter.] [Syn. puzzle]

Brief Remark #19 Fulfill the phrase from line 2 towards the keyword regarding column step 1 that means most almost the same. step one. performance

congruous (KON groo uhs) adj. 1. congruent; dos. fitting; suitable; suitable • Congruous rates are exactly the same size and shape. • Whenever lookin in public places, a person in Congress is anticipated to exhibit congruous behavior from the all moments. [-ly adv., -ness n.]

commitment (kuhn NEK shuhn) n. step one. an effective coupling, a joining otherwise unifying; a good unification 2. a way of signing up for; step three. a relationship; 4. a corporate affiliate; 5. the new manner of switching from train, bus, etc. on the way to help you somewhere; six. a circuit inside the electricity; a line of communication between a couple situations when you look at the telegraphy, telephony, etc. • • • •

Commitment off car motor to radiator is via rubber line

Bill was looking for an Ipod, and he consider his exposure to the appliance store worker you are going to help him discover you to during the an effective price. • Whenever Juanita travelled out-of Ny so you can Miami, she needed to make a connection within Atlanta. • Really electricity connections are manufactured by the keeping a plug towards the a beneficial wall structure outlet. consciousness* (KON shuhs nes) letter. step one. the state of knowing; focus on your own feelings otherwise one’s landscape; dos. this new entirety of one’s opinion, emotions, etcetera. • Being away cooler, Ali slowly restored consciousness. • Stream of consciousness involves claiming otherwise writing whichever pops into your direct on buy that it really does. • Consciousness ways both an awareness of and you will a choice to activate to your business close to you. consensus (kuhn SEN suhs) letter. 1. an impression kept by the the or really; dos. standard arrangement away from viewpoint • There was an opinion certainly People in the us that democracy is an exceptional variety of authorities in order to autocracy. • There was an opinion one of males one to male vehicle operators is superior in order to females vehicle operators. • Amazingly, the opposite consensus is available among females and you will, astonishingly, is supported by statistical analysis. consequence (KON lorsque KWENS) letter. step one. a result of a task; outcome; effect; 2. a systematic completion; step three. the newest relatives off impression to cause; 4. benefits • A consequence of purchasing a different pencil is a good handwritten note. • Acquiring the right time would be due to remaining a good fresh power on the wrist watch. • The consequence of drinking numerous dairy foods given that good guy would be good pearly whites and you will bones since an adult. • The latest Emperor Maximillian’s presence in the Mexico from inside the American Municipal Combat is out of no issues on war’s lead. [following adj., therefore adv.] [Syn. perception, importance]

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